Making an exhibitionism at the UKinbound Gala Dinner

On such a prestigious night, it seemed only right that the biggest exhibition hitting London this year was centre stage.

With the highest turn out of members at the annual UKinbound convention in Aviemore this year, The new Rolling Stones Exhibition, perfectly titled EXHIBITIONISM featured on every table at the Gala dinner on the final night of the convention. With so much interest building around April's unveiling at the Saatchi Gallery, the adverts gave the tourism world another teaser of just what's rocking up this spring.

EXHIBITIONISM, delivered by DHL, will be the most comprehensive and immersive insight into the group described by critics as The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band, taking over nine thematic galleries spread across two floors at the Saatchi Gallery in London. As well as over five hundred Rolling Stones important and unseen artefacts from the band’s personal archives, it will take you through their fascinating fifty year history, embracing all aspects of art & design, film, video, fashion, performance, rare sound archives, and of course, at the heart of it, the Stones' musical heritage that took them from a hard working London blues band in the early 1960s, to inspirational cultural icons adored by millions.

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