Helen O'Rourke

Helen O'Rourke

Business Manager

Helen went to school in London and then to Kingston Polytechnic to study Modern Arts. Her first office job was working for a highly entertaining, if somewhat unconventional, ticketing operation. She then became a Production Biller in one of the UK’s largest advertising agencies, the then named Boase Messini Pollitt. Here she learnt exactly how an ad agency worked.

From there she went to work for Dewyters arts marketing and advertising agency as the Budget Controller. The years slipped by very quickly and before she knew it she had completed nearly 22 years. In her time Dewynters evolved from a chaotic, rapidly growing business to a well oiled, smooth operation and Helen is proud to have played her part in this achievement.

Helen is very happy to be back working for a young and vigorous company such as made.

Besides her degree in Modern Arts Helen has a CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) qualification.

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