Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, sits on a peninsula and coastal islands in the Baltic Sea, and is home to the 18th-century fortress Suomenlinna, the Seurasaari open-air museum and a neoclassical cathedral. The Northern Lights can be seen from its Arctic Lapland province, also home to the country’s main ski resorts

Capital: Helsinki
Dialing code: +358
Currency: Euro
Neighboring countries: Russia, Sweden, Norway

Key Demographic and Economic Data:
Population (m): 5.3
GDP per capita (Int $): 36,122
Annual average GDP growth over past decade (%):1.2

Case study: Destination Britain Nordics 

Every year we meet and do business with 50 top buyers from these loyal and steadily growing markets.

Destination Britain Nordics gave us the chance to gain new business contacts and build on existing relationships with buyers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.  Out most successful mission was in 2015 where we organised a performance from the hit West End musical The Lion King Check out the short video above! We hope to replicate this success in 2020. 

The event consists of pre-scheduled one-to-one business appointments and evening networking opportunities. The Nordics is an important inbound tourism market to Britain; Scandinavian visitors are very loyal with a high percentage of repeat visitors, the region has been the least effected by the recent Euro crisis and has been steadily growing in recent years.

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